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Insulation Retrofitting

Existing homes and older houses may still need insulation that was never added in the walls. This process involves drilling small holes into the walls to spray in your choice of insulation - blown-in fiderglass, cellulose, or spray foam. Contact us to learn more about this process.

Insulation retrofit


Insulation Products
New River Insulation Company uses pound open cell and 2 pound closed cell spray polyurethane foam as well as block fill foam, Fiberglass batt, and blown loose fill fiberglass, Mineral Wool, blown Stabilized cellulose. We also retro fit, metal building and existing homes, by adding insulation to attics, existing walls, basements and crawl spaces. As professionals, we use all insulating products and advise you on which products to best fit your needs and budget demands.
Benefits of Insulation

Thermal protection to keep buildings warm in winter and cool in summer. 
Lower energy bills by preventing heat loss from buildings in winter and enabling more efficient air conditioning in summer. Insulating a home can save 45-55% of heating and cooling costs. 
Acoustic protection to block outside noise and segregate internal noise. 
Sustainability and a better environment by reducing energy use in buildings to counter “global warming.” 
Supports energy conservation programs focused on environmental responsibility.

We insulate with the best products on the market. However, a good insulation job is more about insulating the product the right way. Many of our jobs we use closed-cell polyurethane foam and fiberglass or cellulose. Foam to get a air tight seal and fiberglass or cellulose to complete the system. Whatever your budget demands are, we have the knowledge to advise you in the right direction.


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